Friday, October 11, 2013

Prayer Requests to the People of God: Reformed Church Ordination, Eldership, Professorship, Marriage and a Home, Head Basketball Coach and New Church-Based Seminary

M.A. Petillo's Prayer Request

Objective 1.)  To get ordained in the Reformed Baptist Church to be a preaching, teaching, counseling and praying elder every Wednesday night, hymn singing Friday afternoons by whole church, Sunday school, Christian Sunday Preaching Morning, and Christian Sunday Preaching Evening (while continuing Internet ministry responsibilities, public debate and perhaps traveling but also audio, video and written availability).

 Objective 2.)  To get a full-time Reformed Baptist eldership among other elders in a plurality ruling eldership (I do not know wheer) but if God grants it I would call the name, "St. Peter's Reformed Baptist Church" holding to a confessional standard and Puritan Catechism.

Objective 3.)  To get a full-time professorship in Bible/Theology/History at Pillar College where I take an Augustinian (a biblical nickname) approach to the Bible/Theology/History.  This could also involve unknown classes like "A Biblical Theology on Latin," "The Innocence Sovereignty of the Triune God" and "A Biblical Approach to Learning Disabilities," etc.  

Objective 4.) To get married to a Reformed woman and preferably buy by Grandmother's house (a modest home) where I can also I can look after my dear mother and perhaps to turn the old workout room into a Library with perhaps a strength-shoe approach to running a sturdy treadmill.

Objective 5.) To get a Head Basketball Coaching job at the College level preferably and perhaps the new team in the future at Pillar College.  I would involve my brothers perhaps if allowed to coach with me.  It may start out at the Division 3 level but than expand like Monmouth University.  I think at this level I would want to coach instead of play basketball because an injury that has never healed.

Objective 6.) To get a new faculty online and through the local church in my New Seminary to teach, preach and counsel and create doctorate level courses for the bacholars, masters and doctorate level in the method of in-depth in "good but out of place" dissertations where the student is able to teach to learn in the final outcome through rigorous and tough training in the godly Reformed things of God in self-taught and self-training through the Seminary help of the local church based Seminary.  Its a churchmen approach to Seminary in terms of a greater emphasis in serious academic learning in three levels (before the dissertations will be short examinations on  the scope of Reformed Theology as King of the Sciences), but suppose the student is not up to that level.  The Seminary will work to bring them to a excellent level to advance in real knowledgeable growth.

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