Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Letter to God the Trinity

Dear Blessed & Holy Trinity,

I am writing a letter to you that I would put in my Bible, but here it is to Thee online.  You have a notable theologian who describes your divine truth as in a word stupid or foolish and yet profess faith in this teaching they describe as foolish and stupid.   The Bible does mean its message is foolishness to the world and perishing, but it is surely not stupid.  If thus is the expertise of Reformed Theology, the world will laugh on in our disgrace.  It has happened when we also leave our wounded in battle, but it has happened so often to me that I suppose bearing the burden is no longer apart of the New Testament. 

I am wondering the depths of betrayal in the Reformed community, especially with those who submit to elitism in fornication for advancement in the intentional murder of Jesus again with angels attending onto Him where He sweats drops of blood again with no regard for His pain because of the great sin of Thy people where the culture is left to the world while it goes to hell even those in the local church.

Lord, would you create a unity reformation awakening?  Everyone is puffed up especially with no regard for the purity of morality or the imitation of the life of Jesus Christ.  Would you use me to change things?  It can only work by Thy approval.  Second causes are being used once again for Satan.  Pastors wear a papal hat and no one understands another Jesus though they say they would not kill Him again, but the sin of July 1994 has not changed.  The church is still lawless as ever and it was when it was in crisis.  I defy these pretenders to stop the indulgence of satanic fornication or simply get out of the local church.  

Lord God, apart from Balaam Judas and his group of satanic evildoers who get through wrongdoing by Satan, would you think upon this to grant me?

a.)  PT Professorship at three Colleges
b.)  FT Reformed Baptist Eldership (Double Honor) [Preaching Twice a Day]
c.)  PT College Coach
d.)  Lifetime Marriage/Home in Three Locations
e.)  FT Traveling/Internet/Radio/TV/Book Ministry

Lets defy Satan and his group!  Lets put it in his face!  These people are so elite that they practice the dacquoise of poop eating elites who wipe their mouths with toilet paper while their teeth are cleaned with a plunger!  In other words, anything from them is trash.  Lord of heaven and earth, help me to destroy Satan's kingdom, papal statism and atheistic Jesuit evil.

Its in Thy hands and I pray publicly because I wonder where there is anyone to trust and if I trust them they turn as quick as they listen!   Its in Thy hands Lord God!

For Christ and His Word,

Reformed Baptist

Monday, October 21, 2013

50-Disputations on Daniel 9:3 and Godly-Prayer Devotion in Allegiance to the Blessed Trinity Alone

Mike Petillo
"Prayer Warrior"

Daniel 9:3 NASB
"...So I gave my attention to the Lord God to seek Him by prayer and supplications, with fasting, sackcloth and ashes..."

Christian, seek not yet repose,
Cast thy dreams of ease away;
Thou art in the midst of foes:
Watch and pray.
Principalities and pow'rs,
Must'ring their unseen array,
Wait for thine unguarded hours:
Watch and pray.
Gird thy heav'nly armor on,
Wear it ever, night and day;
Ambushed lies the evil one:
Watch and pray.
Hear the victors who o'ercame:
Still they mark each warrior's way;
All with one sweet voice exclaim,
"Watch and pray."
Hear, above all, hear thy Lord,
Him thou lovest to obey;
Hide within thy heart his word,
"Watch and pray."
Watch, as if on that alone
Hung the issue of the day;
Pray, that help may be sent down:
Watch and pray.  (TH, 471).

1.)  The attention of Daniel was the Triune God alone.

2.)  The attention of Daniel was seeking Him alone.

3.)  The attention of Daniel was prayer to the Trinity.

4.)  The attention of Daniel was supplications to God.

5.)  The attention of Daniel was fasting to God.

6.)  The attention of Daniel was sackcloth.

7.)   The attention of Daniel was lamenting ashes.

8.)   Prayer is a pathway to peace before a holy God.

9.)  Attention is to God because He is the greatest.

10.)  Supplications are for all of us to a holy Triune God.

11.)  Fasting to a holy Triune God is about  a submissive humility, because its about more of Jesus and less of the world.

12.)  Prayer is about allegiance to God alone.

13.)  Devotion is about motives: namely, does it honor God?

14.)  The godly-prayer of Christians is about Bible-centeredness, because the Bible is the Book to honor due to the trustworthy internal and external infallible evidence.

15.)  Fasting from food is connected with prayer.

16.)  Fasting is possible in-between meals.

17.)  Supplications is telling God what You want.

18.)  Mourning worship is about spiritual ashes.

19.)  Prayer-driven allegiance means the honor of Jesus.

20.)  The honor of Jesus is about excellence and His glory.

21.)  Holy prayer is about dedication to set apart time to God.

22.)  Always be respectful and reverential to God.

23.)  No one should pray to a creature.

24.)  No one should pray to an angel.

25.)  It is best to go to God alone in prayer.

26.)  No one is greater than a holy Triune God alone.

27.)  Allegiance is about Bible honor.

28.)  Do you struggle with prayer?  Every fallen sinner struggles with sinfulness of sin, because it is against our total depraved natures from conception.

29.)  Devotion to a holy God is better than slavery to men.

30.)  Devotion to God will make you prayer aright.

31.)  Allegiance is about Jesus honor.

32.)  Do you struggle with bringing supplications to God?  Keep coming to a holy Triune God.  He is testing our persistence and motives in prayer.

33.)  Suppose you have a prayer request, but you can't bear the burden alone.  Take up and write to a trustworthy friend.  For example, Ligonier Ministries at www.ligonier.org will pray for you in the most trying circumstance.

34.)  We should have a "Genesis Flood" in prayer to God.  There was a time when I spend hours over hours in prayer on my knees, etc (three separate hours on my knees but before this was eight hours walking, laying down, etc... and praying).  Sometimes it takes a lot of hard work to prayer for a long time on the knees.  I hope to get back to this because I never had as much happiness when I devoted myself to prayer in this way.

35.)  Prayer is a way to ask God for mercy.

36.)  No one is saved by prayer, but no one is saved apart from prayer.  Christ alone is how we are saved, because its all about Him and not about us.

37.)  Prayer is a way to ask God for justice.

38.)  Prayer is a way to ask God for correction to God, and He will work it out through His way alone.

39.)  Prayer is a way to be Bible-based.

40.)   Prayer is way to use rational Bible truth.

41.)  Prayer is a way to pray for all in any level of authority: namely, local, state and federal.

42.)  We should pray for the Reformed eldership, deacons and the people of God.

43.)  There is no way to escape a prayer life if you seek to honor the Bible over satanic-sexual determinism through Satan and Balaam-furthered second cause to dishonor Jesus Christ.

44.)  Prayer and ministry go hand-in-hand.

45.)  Prayer is about an enslavement freedom to a holy Triune God, because it simply means kept by Jesus to do His immediate will rather than submit to Satan in the captivity of the fallen nature.

46.)  Daniel is a picture of a prayer warrior.

47.)  Daniel is a picture of Jesus Christ.

48.)  The prayer life of Jesus is a model for all.

49.)   Submit to prayer not wrongdoing to advance.

50.)  It took nearly ten years since I was spiritually awakened in the later summer of 2004 to get a Professor job and to be emotionally healed.

From the depths my prayer ascendeth
Unto God on high;
Hear, O Lord, my supplication
And my cry.
None can stand unscathed and blameless
In thy judgment just,
But the contrite in thy mercy
Humbly trust.
Lord, my hope is in thy promise,
And I wait for thee
More than they who watch for morning,
Light to see.
With the Lord is tender mercy,
And redeeming love;
Israel, look for full salvation
From above.  (TH, 570).

Friday, October 11, 2013

Dear Jesus Christ on Six Points

Praise ye, praise ye the Lord
In yonder heav'nly height;
Ye angels, all his hosts,
In joyful praise unite;
O sun and moon, declare his might,
Show forth his praise, ye stars of light.
Praise him, ye highest heav'ns,
Praise him, ye clouds that roll,
Created by his pow'r
And under his control,
Ye heavens that stand eternally,
Established by his firm decree.
Ye creatures in the sea
And creatures on the earth,
Your mighty Maker praise
And tell his matchless worth;
Praise him, ye stormy winds that blow,
Ye fire and hail, ye rain and snow.
Ye hills and mountains, praise,
Each tree and beast and bird;
Ye kings and realms of earth,
Now let your praise be heard;
By high and low, by young and old,
Be all his praise and glory told.
By all let God be praised,
For he alone is great;
Above the earth and heav'n
He reigns in glorious state;
Praise him, ye saints, who know his grace
And ever dwell before his face.  (TH, 108).

1.)  To grant a unity reformation in the Reformed Presbyterians and Baptists on all confessional truth combined in the Westminster and London Confession.

2.)  To grant an eventual unity between Wesleyans/Arminians and full Calvinists on the matter of most of the points of Calvinism.

3.)  To abolish the single papal teaching with a plurality and co-equal ruling eldership, communion every Sunday, and online preaching everyday by elders, deacons and evangelists.

4.)  To grant the unity of the Roman leadership and common people in the Reformed faith (a nickname for the Christian faith) and other world religions in an optimistic end time hope apart from Papist spies or any kind of spies.  If you want to be a spy or cause crime, go to the forsaken mountains and dwell there.  In other words, please stay out of the local church if you have malevolent purposes or we will expose the deeds of darkness.

5.)  To grant an ocean of born again people and godly Christian living but a small island or remnant of the reprobates of fallen Mt Doom.

6.)  To have many reformers, resurrected puritans and awakened evangelists about the holy things of God. 

Alas! and did my Saviour bleed,
And did my Sovereign die!
Would he devote that sacred head
For such a worm as I!
Was it for crimes that I had done
He groaned upon the tree!
Amazing pity! grace unknown!
And love beyond degree!
Well might the sun in darkness hide,
And shut his glories in,
When Christ, the mighty Maker, died
For man the creature's sin.
Thus might I hide my blushing face
While his dear cross appears;
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness,
And melt mine eyes in tears.
But drops of grief can ne'er repay
The debt of love I owe;
Here, Lord, I give myself away,
'Tis all that I can do.  (TH, 195).

Prayer Requests to the People of God: Reformed Church Ordination, Eldership, Professorship, Marriage and a Home, Head Basketball Coach and New Church-Based Seminary

M.A. Petillo's Prayer Request

Objective 1.)  To get ordained in the Reformed Baptist Church to be a preaching, teaching, counseling and praying elder every Wednesday night, hymn singing Friday afternoons by whole church, Sunday school, Christian Sunday Preaching Morning, and Christian Sunday Preaching Evening (while continuing Internet ministry responsibilities, public debate and perhaps traveling but also audio, video and written availability).

 Objective 2.)  To get a full-time Reformed Baptist eldership among other elders in a plurality ruling eldership (I do not know wheer) but if God grants it I would call the name, "St. Peter's Reformed Baptist Church" holding to a confessional standard and Puritan Catechism.

Objective 3.)  To get a full-time professorship in Bible/Theology/History at Pillar College where I take an Augustinian (a biblical nickname) approach to the Bible/Theology/History.  This could also involve unknown classes like "A Biblical Theology on Latin," "The Innocence Sovereignty of the Triune God" and "A Biblical Approach to Learning Disabilities," etc.  

Objective 4.) To get married to a Reformed woman and preferably buy by Grandmother's house (a modest home) where I can also I can look after my dear mother and perhaps to turn the old workout room into a Library with perhaps a strength-shoe approach to running a sturdy treadmill.

Objective 5.) To get a Head Basketball Coaching job at the College level preferably and perhaps the new team in the future at Pillar College.  I would involve my brothers perhaps if allowed to coach with me.  It may start out at the Division 3 level but than expand like Monmouth University.  I think at this level I would want to coach instead of play basketball because an injury that has never healed.

Objective 6.) To get a new faculty online and through the local church in my New Seminary to teach, preach and counsel and create doctorate level courses for the bacholars, masters and doctorate level in the method of in-depth in "good but out of place" dissertations where the student is able to teach to learn in the final outcome through rigorous and tough training in the godly Reformed things of God in self-taught and self-training through the Seminary help of the local church based Seminary.  Its a churchmen approach to Seminary in terms of a greater emphasis in serious academic learning in three levels (before the dissertations will be short examinations on  the scope of Reformed Theology as King of the Sciences), but suppose the student is not up to that level.  The Seminary will work to bring them to a excellent level to advance in real knowledgeable growth.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Prayer Over Advancment for Wrongdoing

In Our Day, There Is A Compromise Regarding Godly Prayer and Godly Living For Easy Advancement Through Wrongdoing

This Ministry Will Focus On Godly Prayer in the Infallible Word Alone:

1.)  Pray Against the Advancement of the World

2.)  Pray Against Advancement Through Wrongdoing

3.)  Pray For the U.S.A. and the World to Embrace Justification By Faith and Godly Living

Remember: No one is saved apart from prayer, but no one is saved by prayer: namely, we are saved by Christ alone in how we are right with a holy God alone.