Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Letter to God the Trinity

Dear Blessed & Holy Trinity,

I am writing a letter to you that I would put in my Bible, but here it is to Thee online.  You have a notable theologian who describes your divine truth as in a word stupid or foolish and yet profess faith in this teaching they describe as foolish and stupid.   The Bible does mean its message is foolishness to the world and perishing, but it is surely not stupid.  If thus is the expertise of Reformed Theology, the world will laugh on in our disgrace.  It has happened when we also leave our wounded in battle, but it has happened so often to me that I suppose bearing the burden is no longer apart of the New Testament. 

I am wondering the depths of betrayal in the Reformed community, especially with those who submit to elitism in fornication for advancement in the intentional murder of Jesus again with angels attending onto Him where He sweats drops of blood again with no regard for His pain because of the great sin of Thy people where the culture is left to the world while it goes to hell even those in the local church.

Lord, would you create a unity reformation awakening?  Everyone is puffed up especially with no regard for the purity of morality or the imitation of the life of Jesus Christ.  Would you use me to change things?  It can only work by Thy approval.  Second causes are being used once again for Satan.  Pastors wear a papal hat and no one understands another Jesus though they say they would not kill Him again, but the sin of July 1994 has not changed.  The church is still lawless as ever and it was when it was in crisis.  I defy these pretenders to stop the indulgence of satanic fornication or simply get out of the local church.  

Lord God, apart from Balaam Judas and his group of satanic evildoers who get through wrongdoing by Satan, would you think upon this to grant me?

a.)  PT Professorship at three Colleges
b.)  FT Reformed Baptist Eldership (Double Honor) [Preaching Twice a Day]
c.)  PT College Coach
d.)  Lifetime Marriage/Home in Three Locations
e.)  FT Traveling/Internet/Radio/TV/Book Ministry

Lets defy Satan and his group!  Lets put it in his face!  These people are so elite that they practice the dacquoise of poop eating elites who wipe their mouths with toilet paper while their teeth are cleaned with a plunger!  In other words, anything from them is trash.  Lord of heaven and earth, help me to destroy Satan's kingdom, papal statism and atheistic Jesuit evil.

Its in Thy hands and I pray publicly because I wonder where there is anyone to trust and if I trust them they turn as quick as they listen!   Its in Thy hands Lord God!

For Christ and His Word,

Reformed Baptist

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